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Sureline Mechanical offers service, repair, remodeling and installation services. 

  • New construction: Design and installation of the perfect system for your new construction project. 

  • Rehabs:  Whether your looking to remodel an existing bathroom or kitchen, or adding an addition to an existing structure we can assist you with all your pluming needs.

  • Winterizations: Prepare your second home for the winter months.  Call today to be added to our list of yearly winterizations.  

  • Water service: Inspections, installations and repairs of water service lines. 

  • Sewer lines: Repair and replacement of sewer lines overcome with build-up, damaged by tree roots or failing due to age.  

  • Water heaters: Looking to replace an aging unit or upgrade to a more efficient unit, we can help.  There are two primary types of water heaters on the market today, either storage tank type heater or tankless.  We specialize in tank to tankless conversions, call today to schedule a free consultation.  

  • Gas lines: Design and installation of new gas supply systems, or relocating existing gas lines to a new location for a remodel project.  

  • Drain cleaning: Safely and effectively unclog slow or stopped drains.

  • Water softeners: Alleviate hard water issues, including dry, itchy skin after showers and continuous soap scum residue in the tub

  • Water treatment systems: Extend the life of your hot water heater, rid the system of any foul odors and improve the taste of tap water

  • Boilers: Repairs and installations. Are you looking to convert oil burning units to natural gas, Upgrading to new efficient heating unit. We can assist you 

  • New systems:  Design and installation of complete hydronic heating systems.  Whether your designing a new construction project, or retrofitting an existing structure allow us to assist you in your radiant heating needs.

  • Service repairs: Diagnose and repair or replace leaks and faulty components.

  • Winterization: Avoid frozen pipes and costly repairs, be sure to call and schedule your irrigation blow out with us to ensure longevity with your system.

  • Timers: Install timers to better manage water consumption and improve system operation.

  • Irrigation systems: Repair existing systems or install a new system.

  • Back-flow preventers: Repair and install back-flow preventers. Code requires all irrigation systems have back-flow prevention. 

  • Performing a retrofit of an existing building that requires penetrations through existing concrete slabs or precast foundation walls?  We can handle penetrations up to 10 inches in diameter in a dust-free setting through up to 2 feet of concrete.

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