Residential or commercial Plumbing

New Construction Plumbing- No job to big or to small whether your building a new house or building or you’re adding on to an existing building we can design and install the perfect system for you.  Let us provide you with professional and quality work every time.

Rehab Plumbing- Remodeling an older house and need to replace or repair old existing plumbing?  We specialize in repairing old and faulty systems to a more secure and up to date condition.

Winterizations- Don’t worry about your house while you’re away.  Call Sureline Mechanical to schedule to get your house ready for the winter months.

Water Service- If you need a new water service line installed or an existing service line inspected and repaired call us today to make an appointment.

Sewer Lines- Over time your main sewer line can become overcome with build-up, failure due to age, and damaged or overcome with tree roots.  Here at Sureline Mechanical we can handle the install of a new sewer main or replacement of an existing sewer main.

Water Heaters- Whether you’re replacing an existing water heater with an equivalent model or choosing to install a more efficient instafire hot water heater we can help you make your decision and give you quality installation.

Gas Lines- Are you switching from oil to gas?  We can design and install your new gas supply system, and have you running off of gas in no time.  We also gladly assist in the relocation of existing gas lines to the new desired location.

Hose Bibs- Whether you had your hose bib freeze and crack over winter or you want one relocated to a different location.  We handle all installation needs of a frost free hose bib.

Toilets- If you’re looking to update or repair your old toilet let us handle it for you.

Garbage Disposal- Tired of clogging up your kitchen sink with food waste?  Adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen can help eliminate that issue.  Call us today and schedule your appointment to get yours installed correctly and safely.

Well Pumps- If you notice a loss in water pressure? Is your well pump making more noise than usual?  These are all signs of possible pump failure in your future.  Call us today for an inspection of your pump and tank and let us keep you from waking up to the shock of no running water.

Water Softeners- When you take a shower and still don’t feel thoroughly clean or soap scum is a constant problem.  These are all signs of hard water in your home.  Installing a water softener can cure all those issues.  Call us today and make your appointment.

Water Treatment Systems- If your water has a foul odor or notice cases of hard or soft water.  Installing a treatment system can provide you with numerous benefits.

    Better taste
    Healthier for consumption

    No soap scum
    No scale build up in pipes or at faucets
    Extends the life of hot water heater
    Reduce water heater cost

Drain Cleaning- Over time the drains in your house can become clogged.  Wether its grease and food debris from your kitchen or hair and soap from your bathroom.  If your drains are taking a long time to drain away water waste it’s a clear indication of a partial clog that could potentially become completely blocked off.  There are a number of off the shelf products that claim to fix this, however these often times are only a temporary fix or end up causing bigger issues.  Call us today to have a trained professional with the right tools and equipment to unclog your drains in a safe and proper way.